Moral Messages in Bradley Cooper “A Star is Born” Movie . Enjelia Karison: 177010065

Enjelia Karison, Dr. H.Wawan Setiawan, M. Sn (2022) Moral Messages in Bradley Cooper “A Star is Born” Movie . Enjelia Karison: 177010065. Skripsi(S1) thesis, Sastra Inggris.

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This study is called “Moral Messages in Bradley Cooper A Star is Born Movie (An Analysis on Moral Messages in A Star is Born Movie)”. The main purpose of this study is to analyze the kind of moral messages contained in a movie entitled A Star is Born and how they are conveyed to the audience. Movie is one of the genres in literature which is most well-liked to be watched by individuals of varied ages. Every movie has a message that we can learn from in real life, which is called a moral message. Kenny in Nurgiyantoro (2010:321-322) states that moral is seen as the guidelines to be the role model which the audiences can take a lesson from. There are three kinds of moral messages in the movie which involved human relationships with themselves, with others, and with God. This study also deals with how those moral messages are conveyed to the audience. According to Nurgiyantoro, there are two ways to deliver moral messages (2010:335), which are direct and indirect convey. The writer used a qualitative method in analyzing the data. The researcher obtained the data through observation, data collection, and analysis. Based on the analysis, this movie contained two kinds of moral messages, which shows human relationships with themselves and others which presented in any form of behavior. Moreover, this movie also has both direct and indirect convey method of moral messages to the audience. It is concluded that this movie has variant moral messages which are depicted through the character’s behaviors and direct conversation. Keywords: Moral messages, A Star is Born, Human Relationship with Themselves, Human Relationship with Others, Human Relationship with God, Direct Convey, Indirect Convey

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