Pengembangan UsahaAlat Musik Marawis di Kota Bandung

Mulyana, Yayan and Rosid, Abdul (2023) Pengembangan UsahaAlat Musik Marawis di Kota Bandung. Jumal Wirausaha, 10 (2). pp. 984-990. ISSN 1693 -234X


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Bandung is one of the cities in West Java province which is famous in terms of culinary food), fashion, architecture (historical buildings), and a well lcnown city that is always conducting or performing arts and music. These music performances have became one of the opportunities.for Micro SMEs/artisans to produce variant art tools, especially the Marawis musical instrument. Marawis musical instrument craftsmenwho are in the District of Sekejati in Bandung city is one of the potential trading and small industriql sectors of Bandung city which has contributed to the local community, especially in providing jobs. However, there (.re some problems and obstacles encountered by both partners that showed the limitations of the procurement of raw materials, the Iimited amount of equipments such as jigsatv machines, the lack ofproducts ntarketing through lhe website/IT, the limited skill and competence among the employees, the /inancial n,tanagement that has not yet been done (manual recording book and the lack of knowledge about the financial statenxents report.) The Methods for this research is through training, Binttek, mentoring andfacilitating the business, qnd also establishing the implementation of procedures and solutions Io overcome lhe problems of both partners by bringing in an expert lecturer of (lnpas Bandung. The objectives that is meant to be achieved is to see the improvement and development o.f marawis musical instrument crafting bussinesses from the aspects of production, marketing, human resources, facilities and finance through this IbMpr.ogram. Keywords: IbM, Marawis Musical Instrument

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