The Feminism values on Ayu Utami’s Novel: Si Parasit Lajang .Nuryanti: 167010005

Nuryanti, dan Erik Rusmana, M.Hum (2022) The Feminism values on Ayu Utami’s Novel: Si Parasit Lajang .Nuryanti: 167010005. Skripsi(S1) thesis, Sastra Inggris.

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Abstract Feminism is of the biggest issues in society. Feminism could be found in every situation. Such as the family, the environment of friends, or even between men and women. Women often find a gender inequality that puts men above women in the public role. One of the tools for delivering the feminism issues is through a novel. Novel is one of the major types in literature. The result of that idea is this research entitled “Feminism in Si Parasit Lajang Novel by Ayu Utami.”Feminism issues have been found for more than one century, the development of the issues is also increased over time. There are several waves during the development. The writers found that Ayu Utami books are taking a Radical-Libertarian issue. The biggest issue that utami brings is about marriage. The central major of the problem is that she trying to broke the cultural perspective about marriage in society. This idea is taken because most of the times woman has become the one who got a bad impact about the culture. The data is taken according to the theory of radical feminism. This research is using a Qualitative Descriptive method. Because the whole data is based on the text and other related text forms. There are three steps to analyze this novel. First, the writers used a close reading technique. Second, sort the data and the last step is to examine and assess the data. This research is using a theory by Simon De Beauvoir in her book entitled second sex. The result of this research paper is shown the feminism issues that Ayu Utami brings out in this novel. Besides that, the result also shows thefeminism issues reflect in our reality. Keywords: Feminism, Radical-Libertarian, Marriage, Si Parasit Lajang, Ayu Utami.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi(S1))
Subjects: S1-Skripsi
Divisions: Fakultas Seni dan Sastra > Sastra Inggris 2022
Depositing User: oman rohman
Date Deposited: 09 Nov 2022 06:23
Last Modified: 09 Nov 2022 06:23

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