Yuce Sariningsih, and Erti Dinihayati, and Uga Pratama Gunawan, (2022) ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURAL BARRIERS IN ERADICATING POVERTY THROUGH e-WARONG KUBE PKH. Journal Sampurasun : Interdisciplinary Studies for Cultural Heritage, 7 (1). pp. 28-32.

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This study used a survey to investigate the factors that influenced financial access and marketing ability and their implications for performance, and its effect on welfare of women's business group at e-warong Saluyu Ngawangun. e-Warong KUBE is a business group for poor women which was under supervised by Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic Indonesia to eradicate poverty. The informant of this study were 10 (ten) poor women. To describe the Organizational cultural barriers in eradicating poverty through KUBE and e-Warong KUBE PKH used a qualitative approach. Organizational culture influences their performance and welfare level of a informant. Research finding showed that the application of entrepreneurship concept in managing both KUBE and e￾warong KUBE PKH as small businesses have not been fully applied yet in addressing the problem of poverty. A small business badly necessarily entrepreneurial in nature, and to be an entrepreneurial means being creative and innovative to seek out new opportunities. Organizational culture as a beliefs, values, norms and behavior have not shared and practiced by organizational members yet. The recommendations based on research findings to strengthen organizational culture as followed: 1) Ministry of Social Affairs should have a social policy to improve entreprenuership spirit or e-warong, 2) Universities might improve entrepreneurship spirit of the KUBE's member and their business advisor by conducting business training. Keywords: Organizational culture, creativity, innovation, financial access, marketing ability.

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