Legal Management of Investment Licensing in Indonesia

N. Ike Kusmiati, SH., M.Hum., 151.101.50 (2020) Legal Management of Investment Licensing in Indonesia. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 13 (04). pp. 1592-1607.


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Legal Management of Investment Licensing in Indonesia is an issue that has always been the focus of investment service policies. It is proven that one of the legal politics in managing investment problems is related to licensing. Legally, licensing issues are an aspect that is always complained of by investors, not only concerning the length of licensing out, but also concerning aspects of certainty and costs, so it is an aspect of cost transactions. In the implementation of investment in Indonesia, issues arise concerning legal aspects, local (regional autonomy), labour. This issue has implications for the issue of certainty and legal protection for investors. In positive law in Indonesia, some rules provide legal certainty and legal protection. Still, there are also rules because they do not obey the principles in drafting legislation, implicating that there is no legal certainty and protection, including in law enforcement. Therefore the need for management of investment licensing structuring. Specifically, in the regional autonomy perspective, one-stop service in granting investment licenses will only succeed if improvements are made in the legal licensing system. Key words: Licensing Law Management, Investment Law, Legal Certainty, Regional Autonomy

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