The Use of Jigsaw Technique in Teaching Reading Comprehension NUR SIFA KURNIAWAN.107010031

NUR SIFA KURNIAWAN, and SENNY S.ALWASILAH, (2015) The Use of Jigsaw Technique in Teaching Reading Comprehension NUR SIFA KURNIAWAN.107010031. Skripsi(S1) thesis, Sastra Inggris.

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This study focuses on the use of Jigsaw technique in teaching reading comprehension in the 7th grade of SMP Islam Cendekia Cianjur academic year 2014/2015. It investigated how Jigsaw technique can give benefits for both teacher and students. Moreover, it also analyzed the students’ response toward the learning process. The reading text focuses on descriptive text. Therefore the descriptive texts were provided on each meeting during the study. This study conducted one meeting of learning activities without using Jigsaw technique to collect a worksheet as the pre-test and three meetings of learning activities with the implementation of Jigsaw technique to collect worksheets as the evaluation. A case study was used in this study. The data were collected through observation, test, and interview to gain relevant data. The data from the instruments were analyzed qualitatively. The results of this study were in line with the previous findings from the studies conducted by Barkley (2005), Diens (2010), Mengduo and Xiaoling (2010); that Jigsaw technique was beneficial for teaching aids, since it gave beneficial for both teacher and students. The data analyses of this study discovered benefits gained by the teacher which focused on classroom benefits using Jigsaw technique as follows: (1) Jigsaw technique kept the students engaged in the learning activities, (2) Jigsaw technique created a great collaboration between each student and between the students and the teacher, (3) Jigsaw technique created a great classroom atmosphere. Benefit gained by the students which focused on reading comprehension also discovered that Jigsaw technique improved students’ reading comprehension. Regarding to the students’ response, the use of Jigsaw technique resulted positive responses from the students. Besides that, Jigsaw technique also made the students enjoyed in the learning activity. Therefore, the students were motivated to learn English.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi(S1))
Subjects: S1-Skripsi
Divisions: Fakultas Seni dan Sastra > Sastra Inggris 2015
Depositing User: oman rohman
Date Deposited: 09 May 2016 01:55
Last Modified: 09 May 2016 01:55

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