Holistic Policy Model for Normalization Efforts The Citarum River

NR. Ruyani, NIDN. 0418057002 (2018) Holistic Policy Model for Normalization Efforts The Citarum River. GREEN POLITICAL DYNAMICS PROCEEDING INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC CONFERENCE. pp. 408-420. ISSN 978-602-0942-14-8

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This research can be classified on the type of descriptive study using survey method, which is seeking data from research sites related to the aspects to be studied. Aspects of the role of social institutions, including the excavation of reference / guidelines in the community: act to meet all the necessities of life; maintaining the integrity of disintegration; and held a social control system. The process of strengthening social institutions are expected through the implementation of an organized pattern of social relations in the community, including: enculturation; socialization; instutionalisasi and internalization. Further aspects of the strengthening of the economic system, the point is empowerment (empowerment). Members of the public can actualize themselves in the management of the surrounding environment and can meet their needs independently without dependence on others. The final result of the strengthening of the economic system is the participation of thecommunity created the overall sustainability of the lives of an environmentally friendly manner. Strategic step taken is to give special attention to improving the economy, through the expansion of community access to development resources to create opportunities to participate in the development process to be able to cope with the conditions of underdevelopment and strengthen the competitive position of its economy. The research plan is divided into two (2) phases, namely social mapping to identify the socio‐economic institutions that live in the local community. The second phase, strengthening socio‐economic institutions in accordance with the conditions and characteristics of the people both as subject and object of development is environmentally friendly. The results are expected to provide input to economic strengthening of social institutions more focused and in accordance with the conditions and characteristics of the portrait of his people as one of the basic input in formulating a holistic model of environmental policy for the Citarum River normalization efforts. Keywords: Environmental Policy, Social Institution Strengthening Economic, Citarum River Normalization

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