The Representation of Fascism in Bowden’s Novel Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Dery Ahmad Fajar Reg. Number : 137010059

Dery Ahmad Fajar and Dr. H. Wawan Setiawan, M. Sn . (2018) The Representation of Fascism in Bowden’s Novel Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Dery Ahmad Fajar Reg. Number : 137010059. Skripsi(S1) thesis, Sastra Inggris.

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This research tells about fascism within a novel entitled Assassin’s Creed: Unity . The novel was written by Oliver Bowden. The writer chooses the novel because the theme of fascism and related research are few in number and the novel itself is a rare object researcher in Indonesia prefer to analyze. The writer thinks that fascism and ideology and how the author deliver it with a spices of fantasy between 2 urban legend organization is interesting. The writer decides to conduct this research to fin d how the author represent fascism in the novel which isn’t supposed to surface before world war I. The writer uses William Ebenstein Theory of 7 Principle element of fascist outlook to answer the problem. Furthermore, the writer uses intrinsic element as data to match Ebenstein’s fascism theory to further develop this research. The data of this book which fall into intrinsic elements are plot, characters, and setting. Each of these data can be found within sentences, words, and narration. Later the data ar e placed and categorized in a table respectively with one or two Ebenstein’s fascism outlook to make the data analysis, finding and conclusion easier. Qualitative method is used to described the quotation taken from the novel and categorize them based on E benstein’s theory in data analysis. Concerning the term and theory of representation, representation only used as a general term. The writer won’t delve deeper as far as using it as one main theory for this research, though the full detail of representatio n theory and term shall be explained in chapter II. The main theory and focus of this research is William Ebenstein fascism theory. The purpose of this research is to show whether fascism is indeed present or not in this novel and how does the author repre sent fascism in this novel if fascism is present. Furthermore, a sub - title disclosing the writer thought about fascism is present in discussion. The research also provides some insight on how fascism can be called as one of the worst ideology beside anarch ism, communism, socialism and those that have some similarity with fascism. Keywords: Novel, Ideology, Representation, Fascism

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi(S1))
Subjects: S1-Skripsi
Divisions: Fakultas Seni dan Sastra > Sastra Inggris 2017
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Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2018 07:06
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