Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Suryadi, M.Si, NIDN. 0014055301 (2017) PENGUATAN KOMPETENSI SATUAN POLISI PAMONG PRAJA KABUPATEN KUNINGAN. Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi "Akselerasi", 7 (2). pp. 14-37.

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The problem in this study, which has not ineffectiveness strengthening the competence of employees (officers) police unit Pradja Civil Kuningan District. The focus of this research is the competence of employees (officers) Civil Service Police Unit on Local Government Kuningan District with research focusing on Competence sub Executive, includes Strategic, strategic thinking response, Change leadership. Competence Manager, covering Flexibility, Interpersonal understanding, Empowering, reward, Portability. Employee competence, covering Information seeking, motivation, and ability to learn, Achievement motivation, motivation Work under time pressure, Collaborativeness and customer service orientation. The method used, the analytical descriptive method with qualitative approaches, profound, of the attitudes and behavior of officers who observed the object under investigation to understand as well as researchers become research instruments. To determine the members of the population as respondents using snowball sampling technique. Used also SWOT analysis, the internal conditioning analysis of the power factor Strength and Weakness. External analysis includes factors Opportunity and challenges Threats. Results of research on the factors that led to the competence of the Civil Service Police Unit Kuningan District has not been effective, which is determined by: First, competency level of top management (Competence Executive) has not been fully effective due to the ineffectiveness of the ability to improve relations, efforts to understand the trends of environmental changes, think strategically and efforts to communicate the vision and strategy of the organization were transferred to the employees (officers). Second, competency manager, the change factor managerial organization has not been fully effective due to the influence of top management remains strong. efforts to provide rewards for improved performance has not been fully optimized. Third, competency level of employees mainly factors services and initiatives to overcome obstacles in the organization has not fully robust. Ability to encourage innovation, quality improvement, productivity is needed not yet fully materialized. Strategy competence Civil Service Police Unit District Kuningan can be effective by using diversification strategy, the strategy of the organization by increasing the strength of productivity or new efforts to strengthen implementation in the field. Strength This may be the availability of an effective and competent personnel, have the technology or means of cutting edge and reliable management systems. Keywords: Competence of employees (officers)

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