Asymmetric Decentralization ( Indonesian Experience of special Local Government)

Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Suryadi, M.Si, NIDN. 0014055301 (2017) Asymmetric Decentralization ( Indonesian Experience of special Local Government). Proceeding of the 1 international Conference For Interdisciplinary Studies (ICIS). pp. 73-87.

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As we know that the decentralization system si delegation of power and authority from central governmnet to local government. Local government can arrange all of development program based on governing needs, governing ability and governability, of course supporting by natural resources and human resources from local government itself. Asymmetric decentralization is a special model of decentralization system , on the principle have special feature on the principle diffferences in particular aspect; for example, aspect of representative political body and election system of governor. In the Yogyakarta special Regent, Governor candidate should have a position as Sultan ( King of Yogyakarta Special Regent) Even when in democratic system of government, all of citizen is entitled to selected and choose to become a leader Asymmetric decentralization associated with heterogenity and influence by political aspect and cultural also historical system. But remain part of the government has legitimacy on the basis statutory regulations. Although thereby asymmetric decentralization model had exellence and weakness, depends on how to aply use approaches. The principle is remain in the frame of Unity Indonesian Republic. Key words: asymmetric decentralization, special local government

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