DRAMATURGI PEMANDU LAGU KARAOKE DI KOTA GARUT (Studi kualitatif Dengan Pendekatan Dramaturgi Pemandu Lagu Karaoke Di Kota Garut)

Firmansyah, 148080013 (2017) DRAMATURGI PEMANDU LAGU KARAOKE DI KOTA GARUT (Studi kualitatif Dengan Pendekatan Dramaturgi Pemandu Lagu Karaoke Di Kota Garut). Thesis(S2) thesis, Magister Ilmu Komunikasi.

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This study aims to know the front stage, back stage and Impression Management a karaoke songwriter in the city of Garut. This research was conducted using qualitative type with Dramaturgi approach which looked at the condition of a phenomenon. The process of selecting informants using snowwball sampling technique. Informant research on this research amounted to 5 people informants, data collection techniques with in-depth interviews, observation, Internet Searching, documentation and library study. The result of this research shows that the karaoke songstyles front stage that the karaoke songwriter in Garut city almost all play the front stage well, which is done like a glamorous, sexy and even open dress, with make-up makeup Thick and even, wearing accessories, using a formal and regular style of language, and attitude and behavior.The back stage of the karaoke songwriter in the city of Garut really plays an intact role, they do not like when on the front stage that cover their situation by actually showing the character of their self Fully naturally and more in good dynamic in the style of language, appearance and style. Impression management of karaoke songwriters in the city of Garut, they do a good impression management to achieve the desired impression in accordance with the goals that want to get by the guitarist before they play the role on the front and back stage by managing the impression such as preparing the setting, clothing , Make-up, language, style and appearance. The researcher’s suggestion should be the observation of dramaturgy study about karaoke songwriter suggested more specific and deep in the analysis of the discussion to reveal the meaning behind each particular symbol or event. Take a closer look at the intricacies of karaoke songwriters, links with stakeholders, the hope of the authorities by involving the police.

Item Type: Thesis (Thesis(S2))
Subjects: S2-Thesis
Divisions: Pascasarjana > S2-Ilmu Komunikasi 2017
Depositing User: mr Azis -
Date Deposited: 09 Jun 2017 03:10
Last Modified: 09 Jun 2017 04:06
URI: http://repository.unpas.ac.id/id/eprint/27752

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